Current Salvage Operation

Update 1

On arrival at site, BGL conducted as-found surveys of the target to confirm findings of the survey visit in April. There were no changes which allowed for preliminary salvage operations to commence in the form of grab and ROV cutting saw works on the hull plating above the believed cargo location.

However it was noted that the grab was not operating at full efficiency and the primary ROV was not operating at full dexterity. With weather conditions closing in, it was decided to put into port to collect technicians and additional ROV equipment and carry out the repairs required to the ROV system and to also make some modifications to the grab. All this was done effectively and the vessel departed harbour within 15 hours of its arrival and headed out into sheltered waters to carry out tests on the upgraded ROV. With the weather remaining poor and seas of 10 metre swells, these tests continued throughout the weekend, inclusive of the vessel’s transit back to site. The vessel is now back on location in favourable weather and has recommenced salvage operations this morning 5th November. “

Initial teething problems can always be expected with the integration of new equipment onto existing vessels; the BGL team believes they have now overcome these issues and look forward to prolonged productivity at the wreck site.

Philip Reid | Britannia’s Gold Ltd.