Salvage Update 11-03-2019

The company been busy working towards the final testing of the newly devised cutting system that it will use to gain entry into the immediate and future targets. A great deal of hard work and time has been invested by the offshore team and our partners at James Fisher to ensure the system is optimum for our needs. Cutting trials went ahead in Scotland last week and the results were very favourable, indeed far better than expected. We are now putting the finishing touches to the system that allow for efficient launch and recovery together with writing up the detailed procedures for its use.

In addition, we have now secured a further tooling system for our immediate use during the next phase and proposed follow on targets. BGL will be gaining experience with this design specific piece of equipment, and in conjunction with the cutting system, we expect it to greatly reduce the time required to gain entry to the identified cargo locations within the shipwrecks.

On reviewing the new tooling we have designed and will be using, we also identified issues with the originally chosen salvage vessel; essentially there simply wasn’t enough deck space. As a result, we have now switched to a more appropriate and larger vessel and will proceed towards mobilisation at the end of this month.