Bon Voyage

As previously reported, BGL has spent the winter months developing the new cutting system in partnership with James Fisher Marine Services with all the trials and last minute modifications now complete with the system is ready for deployment. Forcing water mixed with a fine grit additive through the 1mm cutting nozzle at 2500 bar / 36,200 PSI has proven to efficiently cut through far greater thicknesses of steel than we require with obvious benefits to our salvage efforts. BGL has also managed to acquire a further piece of salvage equipment, said to only be one of only 5 systems in existence, known as the Deck Crushing Tool (DCT). Using its 1500 ton of closing force, the DCT is able to literally crush the decks of a shipwreck and break them away from the riveted fixtures securing them to surrounding materials, this again speeding up the salvage process.

Our offshore salvage team is currently in transit to join the salvage vessel and commence mobilisation tomorrow (28/03). For security reasons, BGL wishes to keep confident the name of the salvage vessel and mobilisation port, but is pleased to announce the vessel is of excellent stature, boasting all conceivable modern high tech systems for navigation and station keeping in high sea states. This, coupled with the new salvage equipment leaves the team confident and excited to finally be making a start in 2019. We have been monitoring the weather patterns and believe we are heading out to the work site at the right time with both the long term forecast and our met-ocean risk assessing software are also aligned.

Our salvage plans, safety policies and procedures together with our risk assessments and methodology statements have all been submitted to the governing authorities ahead of our arrival at the worksite. After recent meetings with governing bodies, we have agreement on our being able to conduct salvage operations based upon our robust safety management system which are employed stringently to protect our personnel, assets and the environment.

We look forward to bringing you further updates as the project progresses

Britannias Gold | 27th March 2019